Jersey (JAX-RS) Java types to consume request parameter values guide

Guide & example of Java types to consume request parameters, cookies, headers, path parameters and matrix parameter in Jersey (JAX-RS).

Jersey (JAX-RS) matrix URI parameters handling guide

This is a Jersey (JAX-RS) guide to work with matrix URI using @MatrixParam with an end to end source code.

Working with request cookie in Jersey (JAX-RS) guide

Guide for working on HTTP request cookie in Jersey (JAX-RS). We learn about @CookieParam and HttpHeaders.getCookies method.

Working with request header in Jersey (JAX-RS) guide

Learn how to work with HTTP request header in Jersey. Example to get specific header and getting all headers is given in this guide.

Jersey (JAX-RS) extracting client HTTP request parameter query string data

Learn how to get HTTP request query string in Jersey (JAX-RS) application easily.

Jersey (JAX-RS) HTTP methods examples on Resources and Sub Resources

Learn how to implement HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE using Jersey (JAX-RS)

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Index and Search structured XML documents using Apache Solr

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Jersey (JAX-RS) Resources URI mapping with @Path

A guide to learn Jersey (JAX-RS) Resources URI mapping using @Path annotation. You will also know about Path Parameter values using @PathParam.

Jersey (JAX-RS) Restful Web Services Development Tutorials

A collection of guides and other articles to develop Jersey based Restful Web Services (API).