Apache Spark Basics FAQ

Few frequently asked question and their answers about Apache Spark basics.

Apache Spark Tutorials

Apache Spark tutorials for effective big data computation application development. Learn about RDD, Spark SQL, Streaming, Machine Learning, GraphX and etc.

Progressive web app – better & low cost mobile presence

Progressive web apps are built on latest browser standards and design patterns to make it as compelling as native app in terms of performance and features.

Jersey (JAX-RS) JSON HTTP entity payload processing example

Learn how to handle JSON HTTP entity payload using Jersey (JAX-RS). In this example we talked about various default JSON entity providers of Jersey.

Jersey (JAX-RS) download binary file example

Learn how to download binary file in Jersey (JAX-RS) using this easy to use tutorial.

Jersey (JAX-RS) multiple files upload example

Jersey (JAX-RS) tutorial with example for multiple files upload. Two different ways, one @FormDataParam and another FormDataMultiPart is used.

Jersey (JAX-RS) single file upload example

Learn how to upload single file on server using Jersey (JAX-RS). Jersey provide @FormDataParam annotation for easy handle of multipart/form-data.

Jersey (JAX-RS) @FormParam HTML form data handling

Guide to learn, how to handle HTML form data in Jersey (JAX-RS) using @FormParam annotation.

Spring Boot and Jersey (JAX-RS) static files support

Learn how to provide support of static files (HTML, JS, CSS, Images) in Spring Boot & Jersey project without any error.

Jersey (JAX-RS) @BeanParam to inject class with aggregated @*Param injections

Jersey (JAX-RS) guide to use @BeanParam to inject class with aggregated @*Param injections.