Jersey (JAX-RS) Restful Web Services Development Tutorials

Jersey LogoJersey (JAX-RS) is an open source production grade Java based API library to easily build Restful Web services server and client components.

It is also a reference implementation for JAX-RS (JSR 311 & JSR 339) API. Jersey is getting a lot of traction due to evolution of Restful API based product development.

Spring MVC and Apache CXF are few other products available in the Java eco system for developing Restful APIs. But Jersey stands tall due to its lean and exclusive implementation for Restful Web Services.

Jersey Tutorials

(1) Jersey (JAX-RS) + Spring Boot quick starter guide: A quick starter guide for developing Jersey based restful web service (API) on Spring Boot Platform using Gradle build system. Up and running in snap.

(2) Jersey (JAX-RS) Resources URI mapping with @Path: A guide to learn Jersey (JAX-RS) Resources URI mapping using @Path annotation. You will also know about Path Parameter values using @PathParam.

(3) Jersey (JAX-RS) HTTP methods examples on Resources and Sub Resources: Learn how to implement HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE using Jersey (JAX-RS).

(4) Jersey (JAX-RS) extracting client HTTP request parameter query string data: Learn how to get HTTP request query string in Jersey (JAX-RS) application easily.

(5) Working with request header in Jersey (JAX-RS) example: Learn how to work with HTTP request header in Jersey. Example to get specific header and getting all headers is given in this guide.

(6) Working with request cookie in Jersey (JAX-RS) guide: Guide for working on HTTP request cookie in Jersey (JAX-RS). We learn about @CookieParam and HttpHeaders.getCookies method.

(7) Jersey (JAX-RS) matrix URI parameters handling guide: This is a Jersey (JAX-RS) guide to work with matrix URI using @MatrixParam with an end to end source code.

(8) Jersey (JAX-RS) Java types to consume request parameter values guide: Guide & example of Java types to consume request parameters, cookies, headers, path parameters and matrix parameter in Jersey (JAX-RS).

(9) Jersey (JAX-RS) @BeanParam to inject class with aggregated @*Param injections: Jersey (JAX-RS) guide to use @BeanParam to inject class with aggregated @*Param injections.

(10) Spring Boot and Jersey (JAX-RS) static files support: Learn how to provide support of static files (HTML, JS, CSS, Images) in Spring Boot & Jersey project without any error.

(11) Jersey (JAX-RS) @FormParam HTML form data handling: Guide to learn, how to handle HTML form data in Jersey (JAX-RS) using @FormParam annotation.

(12) Jersey (JAX-RS) single file upload example: Learn how to upload single file on server using Jersey (JAX-RS). Jersey provide @FormDataParam annotation for easy handle of multipart/form-data.

(13) Jersey (JAX-RS) multiple files upload example: Jersey (JAX-RS) tutorial with example for multiple files upload. Two different ways, one @FormDataParam and another FormDataMultiPart is used.

(14) Jersey (JAX-RS) download binary file example: Learn how to download binary file in Jersey (JAX-RS) using this easy to use tutorial.

(14) Jersey (JAX-RS) JSON HTTP entity payload processing example: Learn how to handle JSON HTTP entity payload using Jersey (JAX-RS). In this example we talked about various default JSON entity providers of Jersey.

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