Jersey (JAX-RS) JSON HTTP entity payload processing example

Learn how to handle JSON HTTP entity payload using Jersey (JAX-RS). In this example we talked about various default JSON entity providers of Jersey.

Jersey (JAX-RS) download binary file example

Learn how to download binary file in Jersey (JAX-RS) using this easy to use tutorial.

Jersey (JAX-RS) multiple files upload example

Jersey (JAX-RS) tutorial with example for multiple files upload. Two different ways, one @FormDataParam and another FormDataMultiPart is used.

Jersey (JAX-RS) single file upload example

Learn how to upload single file on server using Jersey (JAX-RS). Jersey provide @FormDataParam annotation for easy handle of multipart/form-data.

Jersey (JAX-RS) @FormParam HTML form data handling

Guide to learn, how to handle HTML form data in Jersey (JAX-RS) using @FormParam annotation.

Spring Boot and Jersey (JAX-RS) static files support

Learn how to provide support of static files (HTML, JS, CSS, Images) in Spring Boot & Jersey project without any error.

Jersey (JAX-RS) @BeanParam to inject class with aggregated @*Param injections

Jersey (JAX-RS) guide to use @BeanParam to inject class with aggregated @*Param injections.

Jersey (JAX-RS) Java types to consume request parameter values guide

Guide & example of Java types to consume request parameters, cookies, headers, path parameters and matrix parameter in Jersey (JAX-RS).

Jersey (JAX-RS) matrix URI parameters handling guide

This is a Jersey (JAX-RS) guide to work with matrix URI using @MatrixParam with an end to end source code.

Working with request cookie in Jersey (JAX-RS) guide

Guide for working on HTTP request cookie in Jersey (JAX-RS). We learn about @CookieParam and HttpHeaders.getCookies method.