A call center software compatible with your CRM solution offers you many tools to increase the efficiency of your customer service. The diversification of channels and the development of digital tools has created new needs from customers. To guarantee them a smooth process for each of their interactions, the call center software is a real asset on a daily basis. We introduce you here to the various advantages of this powerful tool as well as its numerous features.

Efficiency in all circumstances

With a single platform that can be accessed from any website, a call center software with a cloud solution promises you a tool available at all times. Whether your employees are telecommuting or not, they benefit from the same powerful program to provide quality customer service. Deployed in a matter of hours, a cloud or on-premise solution allows you to quickly integrate the features that will ease the workload of your teams and help improve the experience and satisfaction of your customers. A flexibility and scalability that adapts to your needs and your environment for a constant quality of your customer experience.

Real-time guided activity

The call center software is a powerful tool to guide your customer strategy and the management of your agents. You benefit from real-time statistics and data to quickly adapt your activity and guarantee a reactive and efficient customer service. Integrated with your CRM solution, your call center software easily manages your call center thanks to powerful features such as :

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): your customers are automatically directed to the most competent advisor and have self-service options available 24 hours a day.
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution): the tool is based on the customer's phone number or data to directly transfer the call to the most suited agent.
  • Omnichannel: you diversify the digital channels available to customers while maintaining optimal management comfort and personalization adapted to each channel (social networks, email, chatbot, telephone, texts, blog, etc.).
  • 360° view of the customer's history: you can find past exchanges and customer data in a few moments for a quick understanding of the request and a more personalized interaction.
  • Predictive dialing solution: simplify your call campaigns with an automatic solution that maximizes the productivity of your agents.
  • Detailed reports and analysis: you can easily track activity thanks to an efficient call center software and an all-in-one platform that enables accurate, real-time management of your customer service. The data is measured thanks to the KPIs you have established in advance.
  • Security and compliance: with a call center software that complies with international regulations, you ensure the protection of your customers' data as well as the proper functioning of your tool, which integrates with your authentication system for optimal security.

With an intuitive interface and powerful tools, the call center software allows you to manage your customer service in real time. You adapt your strategy to the needs of the day for better customer satisfaction.

Optimal comfort for your agents

The experience of your agents is intricately linked to the experience of your customers. It is therefore essential to ensure that your employees benefit from a stimulating work environment, but also from tools adapted to achieve their goals. A call center software offers many features that contribute to the comfort of your agents in each of their tasks. With automation, database and customer history tools, and powerful technologies, your agents are more responsive and available, regardless of the channel.

Your customer service department benefits from a single, easy-to-use interface that ensures agility at all times and contributes to your brand image. With omnichannel training for each employee, you also have skilled and efficient agents for all customer contacts.

As customer service plays an essential role in the development of your company and the reputation of your brand, a call center software in the cloud solution guarantees the best tools to your teams. With accurate and powerful features, your teams gain efficiency and availability. You can quickly measure the results through your customer satisfaction data and adapt your strategy if necessary.